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Window and door production made of aluminium and PCV
Garage door gates: industrial, rolling and segment doors
Glass and aluminium facades
Sliding and folding doors
Winter greenhouses

Advantages of aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium is more solid than PCV.
This means that with wider surface for glass and strong frames, windows and doors have smoother and silkier appeal. This particularly modern and stylish design made of solid material, is one of the best available options, suitable for commercial and public projects.
Aluminium products can help you shaping your interior and eliminate potential architectural design flaws.
Aluminium is a long term choice, the surface is coated in powder that lasts even up to 20 years.
Aluminium windows are also environmental friendly. Aluminium can be infinitely recycled, and it also can be newly reproduced all over again. Moreover, it takes only 5% of energy for the process to be entirely completed.
Aluminium is flexible in terms of design. It also teases with massive colour range, including unique multi-colour ideas and are designed for extreme weather conditions

Advantages of PVC windows and doors:


PVC windows are recommended for customers that seek energy efficient solutions, quick fit and are easy to clean.
PVC material is very light, and therefore production and installation are fast and effortless.
PVC windows and doors have wide range of colours, including stunning wood imitation.

How about combining PVC and aluminium?


Why is it worth to combine PVC coated with aluminium lining?

Initially, the concept of combining aluminium linings with PVC window frames wasn’t considered as a serious idea. Eventually, this compromise is a winner, it grew as a good combination of modern looks and is cost effective.
Reliable aluminium coating, additional intruder alarm systems and beautiful looks.
Multi-chamber PVC frame allows your rooms to stay keep their warmth.
Summing up, there are many colour options to choose from and keeping your place cosy and warm at the same time at lower rates.

Mosquito Net Window Screens

Sit down, relax and protect your home against insects and also unnecesary dust.
Our mosquito net window screens can be prefectly fitted to your window frames. These are suitable for houses, hospitals, offices, shops and everywhere you require them to be fitted in.



External/folded shutters are one of the best practical systems that protect your home in 3 of the following ways:
Perfect thermal insulation
Keeping your privacy protected
Reliable intruder alarm system


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