Our service

Rates, choice, trust.

We ensure our clients get the best advices and information about production of aluminium and PCV, suitable for their houses and offices in the EU area.
Our Team believes in honesty, ethical input and clarity in understanding of what you require. Our experience will help you to select the best option available for you.

Who are we?

Our Team is made of high class specialists. We are available when you need it. Contact us by dialling +48 +48 601 307 357 or +48 661 332 257
or e-mailing info@igloopolsystem.com and we will make sure you get the best solution to your query.

Why choosing us?

It’s obvious, you can put your trust in us. We take all responsibility on board. Call us to find your answers, quotes and deadlines.
It’s simple as that.


Igloopol System
A. Książka 25a Street
91-603 Łódź
Tel. 601 307 357
E-Mail: info@igloopolsystem.com