Aluminium windows

Superial i+
  • system is suitable for window, door and glass cases construction keeping high heat transfer efficiency
  • Wide range of shapes results in beautiful appearance and strengtens construction
  • Glass bars are available in the following choices:
    Rectangular and rounded
  • Profile shapes are designed for modern solutions with structural strenght
  • Massive choice of glazing allows to fit every kind of window (1 and two chamber, acoustic and intruder protection
  • Possibility of fitting low doorstep height in balcony doors with one or two wings
  • Wide range of colour selection: RAL pallete, structural colours and imitation of wood choices
Imperial i+
  • Imperial system has maximized thermoisolation: IP i, IP i+; it’s designed for windows and doors with high heat transfer efficiency. This was achieved by applying thermal inserts slid between thermal separators and around the glass pane
  • Wide range of system shapes guarantees perfect appearance results and construction strenght
  • Massive choice of glazing allows to fit every kind of window
  • (1 and two chamber, acoustic and intruder protection)
  • Drainage is available in two options: traditional and hidden
  • System designed for housing and public constructions; allows for modern sollutions in many options
  • Wide colour range
  • Econoline is suitable for internal and external constructions where thermal insulation is not required windows, doors, segments of partition walls for general use in public and industrial buildings (in office spaces)
  • System is designed for designing sliding and swinging doors that are straight forward in installation and can be fitted at any angle
  • Wide colour range available

Sliding systems

Folding doors

  • Ultraglide – low doorstep height option
  • System is extremely functional, economical and gives modern appearance
  • Contemporary structure allows the system to operate on the two-rail system
  • Low doorstep system is a great solution for large constructions that are accessible for the disabled
  • Max wing weight is no more than 400kg
  • Panorama is a 3 chamber system with thermal insulation, perfectly suitable for folding doors design
  • This system comes with a brush seal and an air-tight threshold that is based on a frame around around the terrace window
  • Panorama offers inswing or outswing structures with various leaf combination (2+1, 3+2, 3+3)
  • New integrated hardware:
  • Hinges with bottom carriage
  • Hinges with pull handle and low-profile handles
    This hardware improves structural functionality and minimizes system’s overall dimensions
  • With all available options the system will be well funtioning in any types of buildings, private and public.


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